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Cecilia Krull



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Cecilia Krull

Cecilia Krull, is a very good Spanish singer. Born to a pianist father from France and the Cuban mother singer, Cecilia’s career began at the age of 7 in Disney productions and continues until the age of 14. It reached international popularity in 2017 with the song My Life Is Going On, the theme of the TV series Netflix Money Heist.

We warmly welcome one of the most loved artists on the international scene. Tell us a little about yourself and your first steps in the world of music …
Thank you !
I grew up in a musicians family ! Yes ! My parents decide to name me Cecilia ( saint and patrone of musicians ) so I love to think that music is my destiny ! I started professionally very young with only 7 years old I was selected by disney spain for being part of a chorus of children <3 Are there any artists in particular who have influenced your playing?

Many many artists! I listen a lot of music and of many different styles. I love jazz, but i define myself to a versatil singer, i love to play with my voice!
And I listen worldwide music, My father is french and german, and my mother spanish and cuban, so I love to listen different music and be inspired by all that I can 😉

Who takes care of lyrics and arrangements of your songs?

Lyrics are always mine ! Sometimes I work with differents musicians and producers for the sounds and melodies, but I create my music.

In 2018, he literally depopulated the single “My Life Is Going On” now also the soundtrack of the TV series “La casa di Carta”. Tell us about the piece.

10 years ago i started to work with Manel Santisteban who came to a concert in a jazz club in Madrid to saw me performing, after the concert he came to me to propose to start to work with him, he is the composer of many soundtracks here in Spain, very popular tv serials and films, so I said yes! And we connect inmediately working together, the first song that we made was “Something´s triggered” for the movie ” 3 metros sobre el cielo” after we did ” Fuga de Cerebros 2″, “Vis a Vis”, “El accidente” and of course LA CASA DE PAPEL and My Life Is Going On.
I was inspired about the character of Tokyo… But it´s always a part of me in every song that I wrote.

How did the collaboration with the Turkish DJ Burak Yeter come about?

I have many collaborations with dj´s ! Burak was interested in doing a Remix of the song and he did it ! Gavin Moss too made a remix, we won 2 awards with those remixes, Golden Record in France and Doble Platinum in Italy ! <3 The latest single is titled “Agnus Dei” soundtrack instead of the TV series Vis a Vis. Would you like to talk about it?

Gavin Moss did it again, the song Agnus Dei was made before La casa de Papel, for the soundtrack of the serie Vis a Vis, and now Gavin decide to make another remix !

What do you feel every time you go on stage?

I feel very happy, excited and free. It´s a very special moment for me , it´s never the same , always ” unique”, the energy of the audience it´s a very present time.

During the period of the quarantine caused by Covid-19, the whole world of entertainment, including music, had to stop. How did you deal with this situation?

It was nice at the beggining because I don´t have a lot of time usually to be at home, always busy, so I made as everybody I think, cooking, reading, see films and series…. And WORK! I made a lot of new melodies and I spend my time to be creative.

Tell us what is the most beautiful and ugliest memory related to your musical journey.

The most beautiful or one of them that came now to my mind it´s to sing for a pregnant woman who was in the audience in a concert, and a few months later I receive through my social media the picture of the newborn ! To be in touch with the people who support my music is the most important for me.

Is there an Italian artist you would like to collaborate with? If so, who?

I love so many italian artist ! Very hard to chose one ! But please if someone want to make a collaboration with me ! Just let me know ! <3 What plans do you have for the future?

I hope I can released my first album soon, I have some new songs in all the platforms ! And keep singing and doing what I love the most.

One last greeting …

Thank you so much and I want to say hello and thank you to all the people who loves my music, make covers, mention me and follow me…. You are the best.

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